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Cannibal Holocaust: The Beginning + Cannibal Vs Commando  2 Disc
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Cannibal Holocaust: The Beginning + Cannibal Vs Commando 2 Disc

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Cannibal Holocaust: The Beginning + Cannibal Vs Commando
AKA: Mondo Cannibale / Land of Death
Genre: Horror / Gore / Action Adventure
Year: 2003
Director: Bruno Mattei
Region: All
Languages: English
Format: Widescreen


Disc 1

Cannibal Holocaust : The Beginning  2003

aka Mondo Cannibale
aka Cannibal World

Directed by Vincent Dawn (Bruno Mattei)

Full credit must be given to the sleaze legend Bruno Mattei for bringing back the cannibal film of the 70's and 80's. This is almost a scene by scene remake of CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST.

Two 'down on their luck' reporters Grace Forsyte and Bob Manson head into the Amazon jungle with their crew to capture images of cannibalism for the TVN Network. After getting some very nasty footage of the cannibals in action, the TV station demands more. Naturally, the civilized people end up being the savages as they burn down a village and kill natives to stage entertaining television. Intercut with the jungle adventures are the arguments of two TV execs, one who loves the ratings bonanza footage and the other who loathes it. In case you forgot the point, the dissenting executive turns directly to the camera and asks, "I wonder who the real cannibals are." This film gets as nasty as the Deadato original, including one horrific scene in particlar with a pregnant native.


Disc 2

Cannibal Holocaust : Cannibal vs Commando  2003

aka Land of Death

Directed by Martin Miller (Bruno Mattei)

This 2003 cannibal flick is directed by Bruno Mattei under the name - Martin Miller. Mattei also did the writing credits and the music score. This was filmed back to back with Cannibal Holocaust : The Beginning a rare remake of Cannibal Holocaust.

A group of soldiers led by Leutenant Wilson (Lou Randall) are sent to the Jungle of Amazonia to find a general's daughter who was somehow caught by the jungle natives. They take an experienced guide Romero (Claudio Morales) and one of the captured cannibals to take them through the jungle...
People that have seen this film often describe it as "Predator meets Cannibal Holocaust" and they aren't wrong. With all the gruesome scenes you would expect of the cannibal genre along with a group of commandos blasting everything they come across.


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